Rhinoceros 3D NURBS Aircraft 3D Modeling Training

Rhinoceros 3D Pipistrel Panthera Aircraft training is addressed to beginners and intermediate level Rhino 3D modellers who want to upgrade their skills to advanced. 5 hours (14 episodes) of training videos based on Pipistrel Panthera Aircraft will guide you through the many tools and methods of creating and editing NURBS surfaces, drawing technical sketches, analysing your design using professional tools and many other tools which will help you to use the Rhino efficiently.
As you use the tools in Rhinoceros 3D to create your designs, you will need to use the NURBS technology to specify how you want your shape to look like. You don’t need to understand exactly what NURBS are in order to operate in Rhino3d. Most important is to know how to use that mathematics NURBS technology to create very complex 2D and 3D shapes relatively easily and control them using “control vertices”. That is what what you will learn in 3d Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training.
Modelling in any 3D software is not efficient when you did not apply a little bit of creativity. Conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial to getting the right destinated 3D shapes. In 3d Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training, You will learn on step by step video explanations of how to solve encountered problems with different tools.
The steps described in the Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training illustrates a typical 2D as well as NURBS drawing creation process for technical objects and advance surfacing purposes. 2d drawing is an essential stage in the process of developing a 3d design. Most of the time great shapes start with nice designed curves. In 3d Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training, You will learn how to work with “Curve tools” efficiently and professionally.


Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Training rules 00:00:00
1. Setting blueprints 00:05:18
2. Body 00:17:18
3. Wings 00:21:18
4. Side engine covers 00:12:00
5. Tail 00:36:00
6. Bottom air intake & rotor cover 00:16:18
7. Cabine doors 00:09:00
8. Front in/outake 00:14:00
9. Front hood 00:16:00
10. Propeller 00:12:00
11. Wheels 00:14:18
12. Front suspention 00:49:00
13. Rear suspention 00:48:00
14. Details 00:12:00

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  1. Rhinoceros 3D NURBS Aircraft 3D Modeling Training


    I already have some tutorials behind me. This one by Krzysztof is really well organised and clearly explained in every detail. The instructor is always ready to help if needed. Remarkable!


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