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100 useful things you can make with a 3d printer

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100 Useful Things You Can Make With A 3D Printer

By Roborefuge

There are a lot of cool things you can make with 3d printers. I’ve seen a lot online and up close. But, wouldn’t 3d printers be more valuable if they can make things that are practical?

Well, I wrote this article for that reason. There are a lot of useful things you can make, especially for the house.

Here are 100 useful things you can make with a 3d printer. Let me know in the comments if you have any more suggestions!

Why Should You Get A 3D Printer?

I believe 3d printers will be in every household in the future. Just like any other technology, 3d printers were originally found in institutions like colleges or labs.

Now, people who are curious about 3d printers can buy one for their homes.

3d printers are the future of manufacturing in my opinion. Getting one now helps you make things around the house. They’re also great for kids who want to get creative. There aren’t a lot of 3d printers in schools nowadays, but that will change soon.

Not only will 3d printers be in schools, but students will be using them in the future to prepare themselves for jobs in the future. But that’s not the best part, 3d printers will also help you save money in the long run.

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How Much Money Can You Save?

The average household in the U.S pays around $2,000 for furnishings in equipment. A low-budget 3d printer costs $200-$500 and can last years. Think of all the products you can make with the 3d printer and how much those items cost. You can save thousands of dollars over the long run.

1. Covid Mask Breather

covid mask breather

I had to give the most practical item first. If this doesn’t seal the deal for you, then I don’t know what else to give you.

Mask breathers do what it says. It creates space between the mask and your mouth to filter out condensed air. This’ll help if you have musty breath, or didn’t brush your teeth that morning. And, it’s just nice to breath fresh air.

Besides wearing a mask for Covid, you can print different masks as you’ll see soon.

2. Hand-Made Camera Lens

This one blew my mind. Looking at the material for 3d printers, I didn’t think it was possible. But, here we are. Being able to make a camera lens lets you experiment with different pictures. Another thing that’s cool is how much money you save if you break the original lens. 

A camera repair service can cost up to $100-$250 on average. A 3d printer can print you a new lens in hours. 

This is another example of how you can save money.

3. 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

You can also create instruments with 3d printers. Here’s a cool video of a guy playing a 3d printed guitar. 3d printed guitars look cool because you don’t usually see one around. You also have the advantage of designing it the exact way you want.

4. Flutes

I mean if you can print a guitar, you can also print some flutes. There are so many different flutes. There are different types for each culture or occasion. If you’re in middle school, you can print your own recorder flute and bring it to class.

Or, you can make another flute called the “Native American Sparrow Hawk Flute”.

5. Surgical Instruments


If an apocalypse breaks out and you need to perform surgery, a 3d printer can make the tools to do it. Think of all the handheld instruments in surgery. There are clamps, scalpels, forceps, and more.

Surgeons talk about having surgeon-specific tools too. If one tool doesn’t work for you, you can just print another one that’s customized for you. This level of iteration is great for us in the long run.

6. 3D Fetus

You can also make 3d fetuses. This one made me happy. And, the reason why is this type of 3d model can help visually-impaired soon-to-be parents “see” their kids.

3d printed fetuses can be the new ultrasound pic too. Having a “physical” version of your child sounds cooler than a pic to me.

7. 3D Figurines From Children’s Drawings

Once your child is born, you can also print their drawings. Creating and building is fun. Your child can create the drawing and build it with a 3d printer. Taking your ideas and making them real is fulfilling. Letting your child do this will spark their creativity. 

Here are some examples of 3d figurines from drawings.

8. 3D Printed Miniature Furniture

Those mini figurines your child makes will need some furniture. Making miniature furniture completes the whole set up. Creating miniature furniture also gives you prototypes for future house decor.

You would take house decor planning to a new level.

9. Iphone Case & Card Holder

The utility of this is self-explanatory. You know what you get just by looking at the title. The question is what type of case/card holder are you going to make. Personally, my case contains a card holder that holds everything snug. A better idea would be to create one that opens up like a door.

10. Electric Bike

3d printed bike

You thought it couldn’t get crazier I bet. Well, this 3d printed bike sounds wild.

This specific bike was made in one go. There was no need for attaching support parts to complete the bike. A 3d printed bike also means less support parts to worry about. Another impressive part is this bike is more durable and stronger than regular bikes.

11. Gun

Technology also makes controversial things. However you feel about guns, just know it’s possible to build with 3d printers. Printing a working gun is another case though. There’s more science to set off the fire arm. Making the actual model is easier as all you need are the files.

Maybe one day 3d printers can print a whole working gun.

12. Camping Wraps

If you’re bringing a lot of things for camping, then you can use wraps to keep things organized. Instead of spending time untangling wires, you can spend a few hours making 3d printed wraps.

3d printing doesn’t only save money, it saves time too.

13. Cantilever Laser Engraver

Just saw this bad boy. I honestly didn’t know what a laser engraver was until the time of this article. But, now that I know of it, I can see how it could be useful. A laser engraver is exactly what it sounds like. It engraves designs through lasers.

This could be used to engrave family names onto some of your property. It can also be used to engrave the entrance of your home too.

A laser engraver isn’t something you come across everyday. But, with a 3d printer, you can get a lot closer than before.

14. Hanging Light

You can print a circular object with an opening and you’re close to having lights. All you need is the bulb and you’re good to go. This is one way you can make hanging lights. If you need light in a specific area, but don’t have all the tools, a 3d printer can help you get creative.

15. Robotic Arm

Robot arm

I love this. An industrial robot creating another industrial robot makes me think robots will be creating themselves soon. If you know how to wire and code a robot, you might be able to create a whole army of robots starting with a 3d printer.

A robotic arm can help you with monotonous tasks. Having a bunch of robotic arms can also help you get rid of tasks you don’t like doing. This frees you up for more play time.

16. Coffee Cups

 Coffee lovers need their mugs. There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh pot with your favorite cup. Being able to design your own mug is cool. A little morning slogan on your cup is a nice touch. You can also design your own coffee cup holder.

17. Flight Sim Joystick

Future pilots will find this more valuable than others. A flight sim joystick is similar to a practice steering wheel. Instead of buying one, you’ll save more by creating your own. Just remember that an actual flight joystick isn’t fully ready with 3d print. 

You still have to finish the base so you can move back and forth mimicking real life.

18. 3D Printed Fabrics

If you want to be stylish and help the planet then 3d printed fabrics is one way. This type of fabric uses less labor, and is recyclable. Saving the planet and having people spend less time manufacturing frees them up. It turns into creating more useful things.

People who want to go out the box can also create unique designs on their fabric. There’s a lot to like with 3d printed fabrics.

19. Customizable 3D Printed Bugdroids

Android fans can make their own bug model. These are usually colored green, but you can use different filaments to color them differently. Try printing some bugdroids and let me know what you think. Bugdroids are great for testing the quality of your printer.

20. Target Pen Holder

pen holder

Messy people like yours truly will find this useful. It seems like I’m always looking for a pen even though I rarely use one nowadays. A pen holder will keep me from embarrassing myself. These things can go from $10-$20 too. Being able to save some change with your own design is fulfilling. 

A pen holder is one of the many pieces of furniture you can print.

21. Divers Watch

I’ve never heard of a divers watch, but they look expensive. If you told me this is a Rolex I might believe you. The fact this is even possible with a 3d printer is hilarious. This particular watch is bigger than it looks because it’s made for the desk. It took 131 individual parts with a total of 30 hours of printing time.

22. Jesus Cross Pendant

If you come from a religious Catholic/Christian family, then you definitely have some sort of religious figure in the house. I personally come from one and they’re everywhere. There’s a Last Supper painting in my kitchen as we speak.

3d printers make it possible to print a Jesus Cross Pendant. You can make one for your desk or workspace.

23. Bikinis

A customized bikini sounds like a cost-saver. For women, this sounds like an opportunity to have a new bikini every time they hit the beach. Similar to fabrics, creating your own bikini with 3d printers means less labor, and more green efficiency.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in runways soon.

24. Blood Type Tags

Letting people know your blood type is important for survival. This is why some waivers ask for it. 3d printers can make you a blood type tag just in case someone needs to know your blood type.

25. LED Lamp

LED lamp

This is a nice lamp to set an ambience. The 3d printer can handle the build easily. The rest of the build depends on how you handle electronics.

You’re going to need to know information about batteries, and circuitry to finish this. Nonetheless, you can place this LED lamp on your desk along with other items you made.

26. Megaphone

Unlike the LED lamp, the megaphone doesn’t need electronic skills. All you need is the print files and you can make one in hours. A megaphone is useful for parties you throw around the house. There are many ways you can design this, let me know which one you go with.

27. Candy Dispenser

I hate having to open packages up continuously for snacks. A candy dispenser makes this inconvenient problem easy.

If you have kids, you might want to place this in an area that’s hard to reach. Your dispenser will be empty in a day or two if you don’t.

28. Hamster House

It’s hard to print a whole dog house because those are huge. But, a hamster house is the next best thing. If you use the whole print bed, your hamster will be thinking it’s living in a mansion. It should be fun creating this for a pet hamster. 

You can create pathways for your hamster to run through which is enjoyable in and of itself.

29. Ratchets

A ratchet is perfect for big cables. You can use this for television cables, equipment cables, and more. There are countless places in the household with cables. The cool thing about printing a ratchet is they’re quick to print. You should be able to print one in an hour or two. 

30. Combination Lock


A combination lock is one of the most interesting products you can make. What’s cool is you don’t need much support equipment. Some glue and bolts will finish the assembly.

One thing you have to understand is 3d printers can’t print with metal. A combination lock, which is usually made out of metal won’t be as secure if it’s made out of plastic. Plastic is easier to break.

The lock should still prove difficult to break though. Just keep your expectations in check.

31. Collapsible Dice Holder

This one reminds me of dungeons and dragons. But, a dice holder like this prevents someone from rolling the dices off the boards. It’s also a cool way to roll the dice. If you’re a big board game person, this is a nice addition to the set.

32. Anti Gravity Planter

Perfect for mini plants. An anti-gravity planter makes a plant look like it’s hovering. Make sure you have soil and give the plant the water it needs. 

33. Metric Screw Measuring Device

This is a good tool for all the things you’re going to make. Being able to make things with something you made from a 3d printer is very meta. Get yourself a screw measuring device if you plan on building a lot in the future.

34. Stand For Cotton Swabs

Another great storage furniture. Cotton swabs don’t get mentioned a lot when it comes to household necessities, but they need something to hold them.

You can design this stand which holds swabs and cotton. It’s especially helpful if you, or someone you know wears makeup. This stand can store all the items they need to clean up.

35. Blade Holder

blade holder

It gets messy when shaving hair. It gets even messier when you place those blades in a bag. What makes having a blade holder convenient is you can find the blade you’re looking for faster.

This also doesn’t take long to make. If you’re looking for a project, then this is an idea. It’s also a great starter project for new 3d printer users.

36. Credit Card Wallet

A credit card wallet can also be the iphone case/card holder. But, if you want to print something less complex, then get this. This specific credit card wallet takes 8 hours to print.

37. Underdesk Drawer

I have a bunch of pencils, pens, and paper on my desk. A nice under desk drawer remedies that. I can just stuff everything in there to keep the illusion of cleanliness. Hanging the under desk drawer shouldn’t be too hard either.

38. Warning Signs

Place warning signs on your backyard doors with this. It’ll warn potential intruders, or first-time visitors. You can also use it for children who might not know better. A couple examples to place warning signs for children are stairs and stoves.

Just make sure to make those warning signs huge. Children can be oblivious when playing.

39. Water Diffuser

A water diffuser is great for backyards. If you don’t want to drown your plants, but need to water them routinely, try out this water diffuser design.

40. Cable Clips


This is similar to a ratchet. But, the difference is the size. Cable clips are smaller and can grasp smaller cables better. Try it on thin cords like phone or laptop chargers.

41. Photo Frames

Yes, photo frames are possible. It’s not that hard to imagine though considering the items on this list. Being able to print photo frames means you can go a little crazy taking pictures. Just make sure you have enough filament.

42. Multipurpose Apple Charging Dock

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, then you’ll find huge value in this. Having a multipurpose Apple charging dock charges your phone, charges your Airpods, and hangs your Apple watch.

You might even be able to incorporate your laptop somewhere. It all depends on the design you go with.

43. Costumes

The options you have with costumes is crazy. You’re able to print masks, dresses, and accessories. The only limitation is your imagination. Check out this article on some ideas. 

44. Rice Paddle

Rice paddles are one of my best friends when it comes to food. It feels satisfying to grab a big portion of rice and placing it on your plate. What’s great about this is it’s not complex for a printer to make. The design is straightforward.

45. Keys


This can be a combo piece to your combo lock. Similar to rice paddles, they’re not too difficult to make. I’m surprised 3d printer keys aren’t more popular. If you take the concept of keys and locks, you can create a unique lock that wouldn’t even look like a lock. 

This will confuse potential thefts.

46. Towel Holder

Instead of manually rolling paper towels have a towel holder do it for you. The one I linked to is stable and durable. That specific towel holder can be used without holder caps and it can be placed on the bottom of a cupboard.

47. Laptop Case

You’ve seen the different type of laptop cases out there. Some of them look basic in a good way. This means you can print yourself one just by getting the dimensions of your laptop.

You can even go above and beyond and add a batman logo or what not.

48. Board Game Pieces

Avid Monopoly players rejoice! You can now replace your favorite missing pieces. In fact, you can make new pieces. Add to the experience of board games by creating your own pieces.

49. Golf Ball Clip

This is another way to organize your golf balls. If you have a special golf ball, you can use a golf ball clip to hold it upright in a special place.

50. Toy Kettlebell


Having a toy kettlebell made me laugh. I’m sure this is not as heavy as a real kettlebell. But, you can still use this for exercises.

As long as the handle is right, you can perform the same exercises as if you had a real one.

51. Lunchbox

You probably can’t even tell between a lunchbox that you bought, and a 3d printed one. Furthermore, lunch boxes are usually made out of plastic which is the material most 3d printed items are made out of.

If you don’t have a lunchbox, you know what time it is.

52. Small Toys

Small soldiers, small cars, and more are on the table. While children are playing with small toys less and less, it’s still cool this is possible.

53. Homo Erectus Skull

All my biologists would find this interesting. Shoot, I’m not one and this is interesting. Downloading some files and printing some 3d skulls sounds wild. If I got a chance I would definitely do this as it’s not only fun, it’s educational.

54. Lego Pieces

These things would hurt my feet so bad. Stepping on one is like stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed.

A 3d printer will give you the chance to step on more. In addition, they also help you finish large lego models. If you’re missing a piece, you can just print the remainder to finish it off.

55. Kitchen Utensils


Having a 3d printer make you a spoon and fork is like having plastic utensils. 

This person made a spork with their printer. You can even try something new and make a kitchen utensil that combines a spoon, fork, and knife.

56. Vase

Hold your flowers in a spiral shape vase. There’s no big difference between a bought vase and a 3d printed one. You can even make a mix-colored vase if you want to. Try different shaped vases too. Don’t just go with a spiral one. 

57. Ventilation Cover

Try making a ventilation cover if you’ve had the same one for years. Sometimes ventilation covers are so old you’ll just be bringing in old air from the cover itself.

58. Piggy Bank

What if you use 3d printed money and put it in your 3d printed piggy bank? Another meta situation. I’m not sure if there is pink filament, but I’m sure a 3d printed piggy bank would be hard to break. Tearing plastic apart isn’t as easy as smashing metal.

59. Microphone Stand

If you have a karaoke mic you can use a microphone stand. Not many karaoke sets come with one that I know of. It’s also nice having a microphone stand because you don’t want your microphone rolling around.

60. Mini Mechanical Mouse

Mini mechanical mouse

Building a mechanical mouse is going to need electronic skills. With a 3d printer, you can print the whole case. You might need to use the insides of another mouse to get your new mouse to work though. Try something similar to what this person did.

61. Dead Blow Hammer

You can also smash things if you want. If 3d printers can make guns, what’s wrong with hammers.

In all seriousness though, the ability to make a hammer helps you make other things. A dead blow hammer helps minimize damage to the targets and is easy to control. This way you won’t bend nails out of shape.

62. Knife Holder

A knife holder is super valuable. Even though it does one thing, that one thing saves a lot of pain. You can do a combo for a 3d printer by making knives and a knife holder. Making a 3d printer knife might not come out as sharp as you need though. 

63. Bookmark

A simple, but useful tool. I always lose my favorite bookmarks. Having a 3d printer is a convenient way to replace things. 

One thing is a 3d printed bookmark won’t be as thin as a paper one. Other than that, a 3d printed bookmark will work just fine. Just make sure it’s dry before placing it in your book.

64. Headphone Stand

I find this one valuable. People who spend a lot of time on their computer use headphones of some kind. Having a nice headphone stand keeps your desk cleaner than usual.

65. Desk Riser

heavy desk riser

This is a nice complement to the desk you work on. If you’re starting to have neck problems, having a desk riser helps.

66. HEV Charger

This Half Life USB charger is based on the game “Half Life” and it comes with sounds from the game. This charger is used to charge your USBs. The case can be made with the 3d printer, but the full assembly requires electronic skills.

67. Watering Can

Combine your filter with this water can to grow beautiful plants. There’s nothing special about this tool, but it’s effective. I would recommend giving it multiple colors as one color can be dull.

68. Bottle Pump

There are some messy liquids out there. One of them is syrup. Having a bottle pump helps you dispense the syrup neatly. You can also use this for soap.

Try and make your bottle pump adaptable to different bottle sizes though. Another tip is to not make your pump short. This leaves room for error, and helps the pump get liquid in taller bottles.

69. Measuring Spoons

Retail measuring spoons don’t look much different compared to 3d printed measuring spoons. The set you see here can be customized sizes. 

The designer here says there are 2 types of measuring spoons you can make. One that sits flatly on surfaces, and another which allows you to nest a spoon in another.

70. Children’s Chopsticks


I remember trying to learn chopsticks. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. Having children’s chopsticks can be beneficial though. Think of it as training wheels. These chopsticks allow you to hold food easily by pinching the 2 sticks together with a larger surface compared to regular chopsticks.

71. Garlic Press

3d printers make a lot of useful kitchen tools. A garlic press is another example. This garlic press is made to be durable. Find the strongest filament you can find to do so.

If you plan on making this, remember to plan on making holes to the press yourself. The designer for this garlic press didn’t like the way the printer made the holes. 

72. Bottle Opener

Get yourself a bottle opener if you want to be a hero at the next party. You’re going to need extra equipment to complete this project though. Those items include bolts and rubber bands. At least that’s what the designer of this bottle opener did.

73. Bag Clip

I have a couple bag clips at my place right now. These are great if you need a way to close your chip bags reliably. Nobody likes stale chips. Bag clips are a great first model for printing too. They can print in one piece and are easy to remove from the print bed.

74. Customizable Vacuum Nozzles

Some nozzles reach areas better than others. This is why you need to have customizable vacuum nozzles. You can print a set of vacuum tools, or print one that’s usable for most vacuums.

75. Soap Holder


A soap holder is a must. If you’ve ever tried grasping soap in the shower then you feel my pain. Creating a soap holder with a 3d printer isn’t hard either. You can make one in hours. 

Some designers use support parts to complete the holder.  Most designers use one piece to create soap holders though.

76. Car Trash Bag Hooks

Perfect for long road trips. Once you’re done with your snacks, just place them in the bag which is hanging thanks to these trash bag hooks.

77. Sketch Frames

A sketch frame makes drawing super easy. It’s almost a cheat code. A sketch frame is easy to build too. You don’t need support parts, or any other extra outside parts.

78. Prosthetics

The gun printing can be viewed as bad. Being able to print prosthetics should be looked at as positive though. I’m not even going to get into details of how people get it to work because I have no clue.

But, what I do know is this is a great step for people who need them.

79. Door Stop

Dog stops require detailed layer height. You need to make the ridges good so the stop is stable. This piece can be done in one go.

80. Dog Treat Holder


You can create a simple dog snack container. You’ll need to print 2 times to complete this holder though. This model requires multiple parts. The good news is both pieces aren’t hard to print.

81. Toothbrush Case

Toothbrush cases aren’t hard to print. The thing with toothbrush cases are they accumulate gunk quick. They should be routinely replaced. A 3d printer can print you one easily.

82. 3D Printer Scraper

Filaments can be hard to get off the print bed. Doing so the wrong way causes damage to the bed. A 3d printer scraper makes it easier to remove models from the bed. You can make one using 100% filament, or make one with a real blade at the edge.

83. Bag Holder

Now you can have a place for those shopping bags. Every household accumulates bags. We all know that one place we have.

Creating a bag holder keeps things nice and tidy.

84. Power Card Wall Mount

Create this if you hate those pesky cables on the floor. You might have to manually create the smaller holes yourself. It’s a nice addition to the office, or any place crowded with cables.

85. Napkin Holder

napkin holder

The design of a napkin holder can get fancy. The best ones are simple though. This napkin holder might have overhangs due to the design. You can also do a simple design. Besides, most napkin holders aren’t fancy anyway.

86. 3D Speaker Enclosure

Speaker enclosures can get elaborate. This one looks elaborate, but it’s only 2 pieces created by the 3d printer. It covers the top and bottom.

87. Hose Clamp

This model doesn’t require support. It’s a model that can be done quickly. Another thing I noticed about this hose clamp is it doesn’t require anything too detailed. Similar to the bottle opener, this is a useful yet simple design to help you around the house.

88. Door Lock

You’ve seen 3d printers make utensils, drawers, and now door locks. This piece can be done with 3 separate prints. You have the pin with the pin holder, then the connector on the other side. 

89. Dropper Bottle Flat Rack

This rack is useful for artists. You can keep your colors in this rack in an organized fashion. It can also be used for medication. Get yourself a flat rack. You can organize a bunch of items with this.

90. Candle Case

Candle case

Candle cases are similar to vases. You can print them in different colors and designs to match the ambience of the room you’re in.

You can get a Christmas candle holder for the holidays, or a single candle case. I would opt for the single case for the first print as it’s easier to make.

91. Chess Set

Printing a chess set takes awhile. You have to print individual pieces and the whole board. Chess is one of those games that make it worth it though. A good set will last you years and bring you more joy if you give it a chance. I highly recommend this for people who want to exercise their brains in their free time.

92. Wall Socket

Wall sockets can be done in one print. What’s great about 3d printers is you can use different material for each product. 

Find the material which works best as a protective barrier.

93. Pulley System

My cousin literally built his own pulley system a couple weeks ago. They’re great for pulling heavy things with leverage. Instead of lifting something from dead weight, use a pulley to make moving things easier. You just need 3 parts and some rope to make one.

Those 3 parts include the pulley wheel, pinwheel, and pulley housing. Here’s a pulley system model to get started.

94. Origami Inspired Forceps

This tool is something I haven’t seen. The designer says you can use this for surgery, space tools, and more.

Forceps like this make me excited for the future of 3d printers. Customizable tools are optimal for unique situations.

95. Center Finder

center finder

The more tools you make, the more products you can produce overall. A center finder is applicable for a lot of projects. This tool also helps you save a lot of time.

96. Dial Caliper

A dial caliper is a measurement tool. It measures length, height, and diameter of a specific part. The markings on this tool need to be detailed though or else it’s useless.

If you print this, make sure your printer has great precision.

97. Precision Screwdriver Racks

If you print a lot of screwdrivers, you’ll need screwdriver racks. You don’t need support parts for this either. It’s easy to make. A design like this is common for screwdriver racks.

98. Finger Wrench

You will get in awkward positions building things. A finger wrench can help you when you need to attach a nut to a bolt. Other times you’ll use it for tight corners.

99. Wrist Rest

3d printers can also make comfortable furniture. A wrist rest is essential for modern life. Think of how many times we’re needed in front of a computer. This wrist rest is made with PLA filament. Use material that are soft so your wrists are comfortable.

100. Small Windmill

small windmill

Windmills provide clean energy. They can get noisy, but impactful. It’ll take awhile to print one though. 

Wind energy is used for electricity. Print a lot of these and you can help the whole neighborhood.


There are a lot of things you can make with a 3d printer. Please don’t think of this as the limit to what a 3d printer can do. We’re in the early stages of the 3d printer revolution. Soon, printers will be faster, and will be able to do more. The room for home manufacturing looks bright.

By Roborefuge

all copyrights reserved / privacy

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