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EasyRhino3D is a platform with Rhinoceros 3D courses, great engaging tutorials and qualified 3D Rhino models. EasyRhino3D Educational Platformis for those who would like to enrich their knowledge using our Rhinoceros 3D educational content. Here you can find a great Courses, Trainings and Tutorials  as well many additional supporting 3D files.

To start modeling 3D models, you do not need many hours of expert knowledge or tons of books or complicated manuals. The only thing you need is to learn a few simple rules that will help you interact with the program and enable a quick transition to modelling your own concepts. 

Meet the Rhinoceros 3d tutor

Krzysztof Kubasek

 easyRhino 3d instructor

I am Industrial Designer, PhD  professor at Industrial design schools such as the School of FORM in Poznań or the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław. I have competence and experience in terms of the overall leading of the industrial project – from the idea, through 3D modelling, CNC prototyping, prototypes 3D printing, the selection of manufacturing technology, materials and advanced CAD documentation. Together with the Wrocław University of Technology  we design social robots. Projects of my Kubasek Studio has been exhibited, in, for example, Arena Design Poznań, the London Science Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, FLASH on Innovations-Technology-Machines – Poland,  the Technology ISH Exposition Frankfurt, CEBIT Hannover, Robots on Tour, Zurich, and CES Las Vegas.

I built an engaged community around 3d modeling on my Rhino Tutorials Youtube channel and Rhino Tutorials LAB Facebook group. 

What is Rhinoceros 3D ?

Rhinoceros 3D

3d Modeling Software

Rhino3D Modeling Software is a application for computer 3d graphics as well as computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Developed by Robert McNeel & Associates in 1980, the program is a NURBS-based mathematical modeling platform, which focuses on creating mathematically precise representations of freeform surface models and curves. Used by products designers, architects, automobile and jewelry designers, and multimedia and graphic designers, it appeals to designers in industries who appreciate mathematically created designs.

The latest version, Rhino 7, can be downloaded for Windows and Mac-based computers. Rhino3D files are formatted as 3DM files, which can be exported into other formats for 3D printing. 

Explore Rhinoceros 3D Courses & Trainings

Rhinoceros 3D

keyBasics COURSE

difficulty level:



2h 30min

This Rhinoceros 3D key Basics training course tackles everything you need to know about the Rhinoceros 3D principles of 3D Modelling. The course’s original method was developed by Dr. Kubasek Krzysztof over 9 years while teaching at design schools such as the School of Form in Poznan or Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Using this proven method of video based learning, you will quickly absorb each of the topics presented to you. The Rhino keyBasics 8 video essential lessons course is designed for people who are just beginning their adventure with 3D design and modelling and those who want to enrich their knowledge with many important aspects such as interface, viewports, icons functionality, commands launching, mouse skills, zooming, so that you are never limited by the 3D workspace.

Rhinoceros 3D

AIRCRAFT 3D Nurbs Modeling Training​

difficulty level:



5 hours

Complete step by step video training how to model an Pipistreal Panthera Aircraft in high quality with mainly class-A surfaces with rhinoceros 3D . You will learn how to create a photorealistic 3D model of this aircraft out of video training lessons.

Rhinoceros 3D Pipistrel Panthera Aircraft training is addressed to beginners and intermediate level Rhino 3D modellers who want to upgrade their skills to advanced. 5 hours (14 episodes) of training videos will guide you through the many tools and methods of creating and editing NURBS surfaces, drawing technical sketches, analysing your design using professional tools and many other tools which will help you to use the Rhino efficiently. Book your time, get yourself nice coffee start boosting your skills with easyRhino3D.

Rhinoceros 3D

Concept Cat Training

difficulty level:



75 min

This Rhino Concept Car step by step nine training videos solidifies everything that you have learned during my keyBasics Rhinoceros 3D course. Once you have mastered the program’s basic tools and 3D modelling principles, you can build practically anything you want piece by piece. In these Rhino tutorials you will learn how to work with curves, surfaces, solids using my C-S-S Order. You will practice 2D drawing contours and shapes, I will introduce to you many methods of surfacing, as well as the creation and editing of solids. You will get to know a lot of tips and tricks as well as many functional commands and tools. Finishing this training will help you to make a quick transition to producing your own 3D concepts in Rhinoceros 3D.

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EasyRhino3D is a educational platform with Rhinoceros 3D courses, great engaging tutorials and qualified 3D Rhino models. EasyRhino3D is for those who would like to enrich their knowledge using our educational content. A lot of great stuff will be uploaded as well many additional supporting 3D files.

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